Why is my boiler not working -24 hour plumber in London

Boilers are very complicated systems and there may be a lot of reasons why your boiler isn’t working. Usually  the most common issues are the pressure is too low, or the boiler has run out of gas, a leak from the pipes, etc.  Boilers are a very important piece of every house. The heating system may depend on them and also with the boiler not working there is no hot water in the house. A malfunctioning boiler is a nightmare. Below you will find top 4 reasons why boilers break down and the solution on how to fix them. 

Five boiler problems according to 24 hour plumbers in London

We all know that home appliances break down all the time, but still when there is an emergency it is quite stressful and is important to have contacts with a good 24 hour plumber in London that can help you immediately. We suggest Plumbers Immediately, they are a professional company with years of experience, who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year just so they can connect you with the best 24 hour plumbers in London immediately after your call. 

According to 24 hour plumbers in London these are top four breakdowns of boilers:

Leaks from the boiler 

One of the most common issues with boilers are leaking pipes. This leak can cause the boiler to drop the pressure. Most of the time these leaks happen from inside the boiler, where you can’t even see them. 

You can check for the leak on the exposed side of the boiler, like the radiator. If you can not find it then it is better to call a 24 hour plumber in London that will help you find the leak and fix it.

Problems with the gas source 

This issue is not as common these days, but it can be extremely dangerous. Something as small as a broken valve can cause a gas leak . If you are seeing that this is the issue call immediately a gas safe registered plumber and do not try and fix it yourself. Gas safe registered plumbers are the only plumbers certified to deal with gas boilers. Luckily, Plumbers Immediately can connect you with a 24 hour plumber in London that is gas safe registered in less than 40 minutes of your call. 

The thermostat 

 The thermostat is the one that communicates with the HVAC system for the needs that the house has. The thermostat also has contacts with the boiler and when the boiler is not communicating properly with the thermostat and it is working at the wrong time, maybe you should check up the thermostat to see if something is wrong with the scheduling timer. You can reset the timer yourself on the thermostat. 

The power source problem 

For the boiler to function it needs to be connected with a power source, which can be electricity, or gas depending on the type of the boiler. If the gas or the electricity are not heating up the boiler you should all a 24 hour plumber in London that is gas safe registered to help you. 

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