What to Do When You Have a Blocked Toilet

Were you going to the bathroom only to discover your toilet is fully blocked? Maybe you tried to flush it and  the water is rising in a disturbing way. The toilet can be blocked for different reasons. However the most important thing is to know what to do when that happens. 

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However, if you are looking for ways to fix the blocked toilet on your own, then continue reading this article. 

Use hot water to unclog the toilet 

Often the clogged toilet is not that bad and can be fixed just by flushing with hot water. Usually the items that block the toilet are like toilet paper, or other materials that shouldn’t be flushed. These types of materials can dissolve pretty fast. 

So first try to heat up a pot of water, but be careful not to use boiling water, because it might melt the plastic pipes. Once the water is ready, pour it into the toilet. Make sure you are throwing it from the waist level to the toilet. Pouring the water from a taller height will help dissolve the clots that are blocking the toilet. However, take care as splashes of water and waste could splash back and cause both injury and mess.  If you are not sure, call a plumber.

Dish soap +  hot water 

For smaller clogs using  dish soap +  hot water can be a lifesaver. Pour roughly 1 cup of dish soap in the toilet, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes then pour hot water. Try flushing the toilet and you will see that the clogging is gone. Dish soap acts like a lubricant.  If this doesn’t clear the blockage, then calling a London plumber is likely the next step you require to take.

Wrap it in plastic 

Even if it sounds weird this is a very efficient method of unblocking the toilet. Wrap the top of the toilet seat with a plastic wrap. Make sure you cover it perfectly and air doesn’t get in. The plastic wrap creates a vacuum almost like a plunger. After that you flush the toilet, when you see bubbles rising means it is working. This method can work, however, if done wrong, it can make matters worse. If in doubt, call a plumber.

Use a cleaning snake or a wire hanger

Before calling the plumber you should use as a last resort a plumber’s snake or a wire coat hanger to unblock the blockage. This method is very helpful if the item that is causing the blockage is a hard object. 

The drain snake looks like a long metal rope, designed with a crank at the end. Usually, the snake is pushed down into the toilet and either you pull the blockage out, or you break it apart there. We understand that not every house is prepared for blocked toilets and has snakes, so in that case you can use a wired coat hanger instead. It will do almost the same job.  If you don’t succeed with this method, then you will need to call a plumber. 

We hope we helped you with our tips and tricks. However if you tried all these and the toilet is still blocked then you should give a call to Plumber Immediately. 

Remember any DIY done badly often causes more harm than good. We would always recommend leaving it to the professionals.

They are a professional team that helps you find the right plumber for your emergency in just 40 minutes of your call, at any hour of the day.