Warning Signs Indicating You Need a Plumber

The experienced plumbers that Plumbers Immediately connect you with want you to know the top signs of a major plumbing issue, so that you know when it’s time to call a plumber near you.

Wear Signs on Your Plumbing System 

Do you regularly look under the sinks and check the visible pipes if they are running properly? We are pretty sure you don’t.  To avoid plumbing issues every homeowner should visually inspect all the water pipes they can see at least twice a year. You can check for signs like leaking pipes, damages of use, and discoloration. etc. In this way, you can prevent problems if you regularly check by yourself and don’t ignore wear signs.

Stinking House 

If your house stinks when you wake up in the morning or when you get home in the evening the smell in your home feels like rotten eggs or sulfur, you may have a major plumbing problem. The smell of rotten eggs is also indicative of a gas leak that might be really harmful to people living in that house so you’ll need to call our plumbers so that they can come out to check and repair the problem.

Slow Drains and Low Water Pressure 

If you have multiple slow drains it indicates that you have a partially blocked sewer line that needs to be cleaned out. Or you have low water pressure that indicates a problem with the municipal water supply, or a leak on your main water system. If these problems are leading to a high water bill, water discoloration, or signs of damage on your walls, it’s time to call a plumber near you in order to find out why your drains are slow, or why you have low water pressure and fix the problem.

Discolored Water 

Yellow, green, or brown water in your faucets indicates that your pipes may be severely corroded and about to leak or burst.  yellow or brown water indicates rust presence in your water pipes. Having green-colored water indicated excessive corrosion in the copper water pipes. Colored water is one of the major signs that you need to call a plumber. 

Signs of Damage on Your Walls

Most water leaks have started long before they appear on the surface. Instead, they are constant slow leaks that allow water to drip onto the surface. If you see dark rings and/or yellow, black or brown spots on your ceilings or walls, you probably have a water leak. Other signs of a hidden water leak behind a wall include peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper.

Wet or Sagging Floors 

If you haven’t spilled water on your floor but notice wet spots in your carpet or you see a sagging floor it usually indicates that you have a leaking pipe in your system. Usually, the water pipes and drain lines run under the slab, and if one of those pipes is leaking, the concrete wicks up the water and deposits it on your floors. This can lead to extensive problems like mold, mildew flooring damage, etc. In this case, you will have to have your issue fixed by one of our professional plumbers in London.

Increased Water Bills 

If you haven’t changed your water usage but your water meter’s needle or digital output is always moving or changing numbers and above all your month-to-month water bills are increasing exponentially you probably have a leak somewhere in your system. In this case, it is best to call a local plumber near you in London to come out to your home and check and repair the plumbing issues that may be causing the increase in your water bills.

Getting Plumbing Help from Plumbers Immediately 

If you notice any of these signs of major plumbing problems, call us. Plumbers Immediately connect you with one of our experienced plumbers. Our plumber can diagnose plumbing issues, fix them in time and give you tips on how to maintain your home’s plumbing system.