Signs of Water Heater Gas Leak

The water heater is one of the most important appliances in our home. When it runs on gas, there is always a small chance a gas leak develops. The good news is that gas leaks are rare and usually not dangerous. In London water heaters usually are electric but anyone who has a gas water heater should be aware of the signs of a gas leak so they can get help if they need it. Here are some signs of a water heater gas leak you may face in your home.

The Smell of Gas

The smell of gas is the most usual sign. The gas smell is like rotten eggs or hydrogen sulphide. This is not a natural smell, but one that gas companies add to their product to make it easier for people to identify gas leaks. So, if you smell rotten eggs and you don’t have an egg hidden somewhere out of sight, there’s a gas leak in your house. Other odours can also signal another type of problem with your water heater. For example, a burning smell could indicate an electrical problem or simply a dangerous level of dust buildup. Call an emergency plumber near you to diagnose and repair any kind of gas-related issue. 

2. Hissing Sound

Sometimes when a small amount of gas spreads from the water heater, it will make a hissing sound because it is spreading in the ambient from a high-pressure environment. Other sounds can also indicate that there is another type of problem with your water heater.

3. Dead Houseplants

This is a rare sign, but knowing about it might help you be more aware. When plants we grow in indoor ambients are exposed to natural gas, they can wilt and die. If you keep plants near your water heater and they are dead, you may want to check for a gas leak and take action to book an inspection by an emergency plumber near me in London.

4. Pipe Damage

If you notice damage to the gas line or another part of the water heater, that’s reason enough to suspect a gas leak and call an emergency plumber near me. Gas leaks even in small quantities are dangerous to people, they can cause serious health problems and further damage if it continues without interruption over time.

5. Physical Symptoms

Having a gas leak you may also experience some physical symptoms in your home. They can vary depending on the type of exposure you have and may include:

  • Feeling lightheaded or dizzy
  • Respiratory problems
  • Nausea and loss of appetite
  • Headache
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Flu symptoms
  • Mood swings
  • Eye and throat irritation
  • Ringing in the ears

What Can an Emergency Plumber Near Me Do About it?

When your plumber arrives in your home he will check the water heater and find out exactly where the leak is coming from. He will let you know what the problem is and if it needs a repair or a replacement.

If you suspect a gas leak, contact us at Plumbers Immediately! Our expert emergency plumbers in London will be happy to diagnose and fix any problem with your gas lines.