Plumber Emergency Number 

Need a plumbing emergency number in London? Call 02045771651 for 24/7 support from Plumbing Immediately for any issue like an overflowing toilet, a leaking water heater, or a broken pipe that can quickly flood your home. And since most of us in London live in apartments or townhouses, a major water problem in your unit can also affect your neighbors.

These emergencies can happen when you least expect them. That is why we are available 24/7 for our customers all around London. At Plumbing Immediately, our London emergency plumbers are available 24/7 to provide quick solutions and services that will get your home back to normal and bring back your peace of mind.

What to do During a Plumbing Emergency in London?

An emergency brings the threat of flooding and water damage to your home from corroded or frozen pipes, rusted water heater tanks, or blocked sewer lines causing the toilet to overflow.

What steps to take during a plumbing emergency? 

Step 1: Locate and Close the Water Valves

This should be done immediately to avoid further accumulation of water in the house. Call 24/7 Plumbing Immediately 

Pipes Burst: Locate the main water shutoff valve and turn it clockwise to stop the water flow. This valve is often found in the basement or near the water meter. Reminder to apartment dwellers: Closing this valve may also shut off your neighbors’ water supply.

Water heater leaks: Look for the cold water valve near the top of the tank and close it with a clockwise turn. If there are no valves in this area, you will need to turn off the main valve in your home. With that done, locate the electrical breaker box and turn off the water heater; this allows the heating elements of the tank to cool down and prevents the risk of fire.

Overflowing Toilet: Locate and turn off the shutoff valve near the base of the toilet. If that doesn’t stop the overflow, the source of the problem is likely a backup drain or sewer.

Step 2: Call your Emergency Plumber in London

Plumbing Immediately is committed to helping our neighbors stay safe during plumbing emergencies. We’ll send an expert plumber to your home with all the tools and equipment needed to fix the problem.

Step 3: Keep it Safe Until the Emergency Plumber Arrives

Watch out for water-damaged electrical devices or outlets along the way. Try clearing the affected area so your plumber can easily access the pipes or equipment and fix the problem faster.

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Our plumbing emergency experts in every area in London are available to assist with any plumbing problem, no matter how big or small. Whether you need a simple repair or a more complex plumbing job you can trust that we’ll be able to help you get your plumbing back up and running in no time. 

With fast response times and reliable service, you can trust us to take care of all your plumbing needs

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