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When it comes to the ways we heat our homes, it is usually by using gas. Most of the time, we might use a gas boiler for our central heating system, or other gas appliances like a gas stove, gas fire, or a stove heater. 

Whether you need to install a boiler, or fix an appliance of this type, you should not call a regular plumber but a Gas Safe registered plumber.

But where is the difference between a plumber and a gas-registered plumber?

 The difference between a plumber and a registered gas engineer

The thing is that there is a very big difference between them; they do completely different things. A heating engineer can do other tasks that some of your local plumbers are not authorised to do. Some of the issues that can be fixed by a heating engineer are heating of a building, maintaining and installing gas appliances. Also, most of the heating engineers also specialised in plumbing issues, like fixing pipes, unblocking toilets, fixing the drain, etc.

Meanwhile, a plumber is not authorised to fix gas issues. For example, water is running from your gas boiler, or you need to install a new boiler, and you are thinking of calling your friend Owen from the house next door, because he does some plumbing and can fix blocked toilets. Before you call a plumber, you need to make sure that he is a registered gas engineer. Because most plumbers usually do not do any formal training, because that is not required. They usually learn the craft from experience. 

While gas registered plumbers must do formal plumbing courses and also get a gas registered certificate. 

How to find a safe gas engineer?

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