Burst Pipe Repair Near Me in London

 You are exposed to a lot of risks when a pipe bursts on your property. Water damage and safety concerns usually come first. Depending on where the pipe breaks, you could end up with water inside the main living area, behind walls, under floors, or underground outside. Of course, this can cause massive damage to the structure of your home, furniture, the fixtures within the home, or the soil around the property. The flow of water in some parts of the house can be a safety hazard and standing water can create situations where mould, bacteria and pathogens can thrive.

Despite searching for an emergency plumber in London, what else should you do when a pipe bursts? 

1.Take Action as Soon as You Notice it

Prevent the damage from escalating, switch the water flow before you do anything else. Close the main water valve, continue to drain the water remaining in the pipes by opening faucets, and other water outlets. This also includes flushing the toilet multiple times.

2. Disconnect the Electrical System

After the water source is shut down and you’ve drained all residual water pipes, the next thing to do is to locate the main switchboard and turn off the electricity. This is a necessary precaution as the water from the leak may have damaged an outlet, circuit breaker or even the breaker box. So, to avoid any electrical shock it is best to disconnect the electricity. 

3. Dry the Water 

After turning off the power, to avoid any further damage, clean up the mess. This would prevent moisture-related damage such as mould and mildew growth. Mop up any puddles of water from the floors. Place a bucket under any drips from drains or pipes.

To dry moisture from walls, you can use moisture absorbers or improve air circulation by opening windows. You can also turn up the heat if you have radiators or call in a professional drying crew.

 4. Call a Local Plumber in London 

For a plumbing problem like a burst pipe, it’s best to let a local plumber in London to take care of the repairs. You may also need to get an electrician involved if the leaking water has damaged the electrical system. Nowadays, having a trusted plumber in London and electrician is essential. Searching for a burst pipe repair near me when in an emergency can take too long. It’s good to have the contact information even if you don’t need the services at the time.

5. Locate the Affected Pipe 

Firstly ensure that:

a.           The main valve is closed

b.            The electricity has been disconnected

c.            Have dried the water 

d.            Have contacted a local plumber in London 

Then, wait for the plumber to arrive. Meanwhile try to identify the affected pipe which is the source of the problem. Attempting to repair the damaged pipe is not recommended unless you have previous plumbing experience. However, you can do a temporary fix like bonding the area with electrical tape, while waiting for the plumber to arrive.


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