Bath and Shower Unblocking Service London

Does it take time for that bath or shower water to drain when you pull the plug out? Or perhaps it’s not really draining at all? Maybe your bath or shower is blocked. If this is the case, don’t ignore the problem, it could lead to much greater damage if not dealt with swiftly.

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Causes of Blocked Baths & Showers

Blocked baths and showers can happen all the time, it is one of the most common issues, because it can happen from hair , soap, etc falling into the plug holes. It can also be caused by air blocks or problems with pipes and how they are connected.

This is why we recommend when you have a blocked shower or bath you treat it as an emergency plumbing problem and call the plumber experts in London.

Best Bath & Shower Unblocking Service London

The engineers we connect you with are experts at unblocking clogged or blocked baths and showers in London. As soon as you identify a blocked, clogged or slow draining shower or bath, call us on 02045-798-849.

Calling our team immediately is the right choice. We have qualified staff that are available to answer you 24 hours of the day and will make sure to connect you with the right plumber for your issue.

Once your plumber arrives, they will investigate the problem and discuss the solution with you. They will then get to work resolving your blocked bath or shower and have it back to good working order fast.

Best Bath & Shower Unblocking London

The plumbing experts we connect you with operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Call us now to book your emergency bath and sink unblocking plumber in London.